The Design of Epic Loon

November 17, 2017
Game Design

When we decided to create an indie game in 2015, we had a lot of beer-fueled brainstorming sessions. We had plenty of ideas but none of them convinced everybody. One day our Lead Game Designer, Kris, proposed a game concept based on local multiplayer, physics, and nonsensical gameplay; everybody loved it!

In fact, it was an idea he had with one of our other developers while they were playing a loony game on the web called Soccer Physics.

In any event, we decided to prototype this core gameplay to see if there truly was something interesting there. After throwing some boxes and cylinders and stuff on a screen and giving them the gameplay mechanics we had dreamed up, we saw that what we were conceptualizing was indeed fun, even if the meat and potatoes of it all wasn't there yet.

The main mechanics of the game is based on the way of moving of the aliens:


Then, we added multiplayer and physical environment, and everything begins to be a big, funny, enjoyably chaotic mess.

In terms of player goal, it’s very simple also, as you are aliens stucked in movies, you have to escape the scenes before their end, reaching the glitch. You also have to sabotage as much as possible the movies as the environments are physics based!


If you play in multiplayer :


The game proposes 2 modes : 1/ Story mode : playable for 1 to 4 in co-op The story mode is playable alone or with friends. In this second case, it’s a cooperative multiplayer, you have to help each other to finish the levels… or not, you just decide the way you want to play. The story mode permits you to unlock content for the Battle mode. Each VHS played unlocks Multiplayer levels related to the environment of the VHS. The game will be released with 4 VHS :

2/ Battle mode: playbale for 2 to 4 in competition

The battle mode is a kind of party game. You set the options of the games and play with your friends in a competitive way. The objective is to finish the first and as fast as possible the levels ! Levels are smaller than in the story mode to give more rhythm and bring a sensation of race between the players. In this mode, the master of ceremonies is Epi the clown, a parody of IT.



Finally, our intentions and premises :

Macrales Studio

Macrales Studio is an indie "couch game" developer based out of Roubaix, France. They are responsible for the weird and fun Epic Loon. You can visit Macrales Studio's website at, as well as their Twitter page at here.


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