Best Video Games with Aliens

Games in which the beings of outer space gain prominence. We have seen all kinds of extraterrestrials in movies and video games since the catamarans, and although many are colonists from other planets seeking to invade Earth, others sign emotional stories along with humans.

This theme of PC Alien Games encompasses all kinds of aliens: little green men, Martians, Lovecraftian horrors and more creatures from the Solar System and beyond, and in some cases even Pacific cracks.

Video games in the extraterrestrial theme are not necessarily obvious to find. Sometimes we have heard vaguely of a title, another time we hardly remember it and impossible to have its full title. If your search for a video game is based on a specific subject, one of the many sub-genres of the imaginary, in this case, the extraterrestrial theme, it is the ideal page to start. The list below shows you all the Alien video games ranked from the newest to the oldest as well as a selection of the best extraterrestrial theme video games of all time. Otherwise, see other kinds of video games in the realm of the imaginary. Maybe you’ll find your happiness there.

  1. Gears of War

Action game in the third person, in which we will embody Marcus Phoenix, a resistance fighter against the “lobsters,” some distros will be from the planet Sera. Gears of War uses the Unreal Engine 3.0, which allows you to get a graphical port section with very realistic animations.

  1. Dead Space

Dead Space is EA’s debut in the survival horror genre. During the game, we will assume control of Isaac Clarke, a space structure engineer involved in an anguished adventure, when his company receives a mysterious distress call from a lost spacecraft.

  1. Dead Space 2

Sequel to the magnificent title of action and Science Fiction Dead Space. Visceral Games again signs this continuation that will move its argument to a large unique base reinforced by the fearsome Necromorphs.

  1. Dead Space 3

Third installment within the Dead Space series that stands out for offering cooperative online, a campaign with new Necromorphs, longer duration, an unprecedented frozen planet, and weapons creation options.

  1. Trip Runner 2

Sequel Bit. Trip Runner for PS3 and Xbox 360, will inspire the titles appearing in Nintendo DS, PC and Wii, with the new graphics engine, improvements in the visual section, support for achievements/trophies, online classification tables and many unlockable, among others added.

  1. Gears of War 4


This is the first game in the “Gears of War” series under the ownership of Microsoft after the departure of Epic Games, and first entirely original release of the brand for Remember One and Windows 10. Development by the coalition, the title features a story with an active emotional component and careful portrayal of characters, as well as multi-screen lava to take advantage of SmartGlass.

  1. Alien Isolation

Creative Assembly returns to the roots of the Alien saga with Alien Isolation, a release that regains the essence of the first film, directed by Ridley Scott. A game survival horror first person in which the controlling Amanda Ripley, daughter of Lieutenant Ellen Ripley, fifteen years after the disappearance of his mother.

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