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  1. Soedesco opens a new development study based in the Czech Republic

Soedesco continues to expand, and the company has announced that it is opening a second video game development studio. If it’s head office is in Rotterdam, this new study will be in Pilsen, City of the Czech Republic.

  1. The Fortnite season will end with a battle between giant monsters

Fortnite Battle Royale will soon finish its ninth season and will do so with a big event. According to the latest leaks, this ending will feature a monster fight.

The Polar-beak ice began to melt and show the eye of a creature. Fans have also seen his trail of devastation and located the monster in the water. The data miners have found his name to be Cattus.

  1. Developers encourage pirating their games instead of buying them on G2A

G2A is one of the greyer stores in the current video game industry. Keys ‘ supplier has once again been at the heart of the controversy, being again accused by developers and publishers as a grey buying and selling market. So much so that several developers and teams would have encouraged players to hack their games instead of buying them or acquiring them in that store.

  1. Remedy talks about the possibility of a cross-platform Alan Wake

Today we were dawning with Remedy Entertainment regaining the rights to Alan Wake, the saga that until now was owned by Microsoft. Now, in statements to Eurogamer, the same publisher and developer let down the possibility of seeing the famous writer reaching other platforms.

  1. Bloodstained Switch has sold more than PS4 and One board

Today we brought to you, as if seeing is usual, the sales of video games in the United Kingdom, highlighting the role of Super Mario Maker 2 in his conquest of the top of bestselling titles in the British countryside. But among the list of best-selling video games, a curious fact stands out that demonstrates the convening power of Nintendo Switch thanks to its particular format: Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night has sold on the Nintendo console more than PS4 and One combined.

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